My last journal was cranky.  I do like writing things down.  I am just going to focus on writing what is going on with me instead of responding to other things.  My only response would be you did not do anything wrong.  I am not frustrated at you per se.  You are doing great.  Keep it up!  Focus, G.  So I am just going to write everything out.  Even if I get judged or laughed at.  It does not matter what anyone else thinks.  Again, not directed at you.  ?


Just because I am withdrawing a bit does not mean I am abandoning the cause.  It does not mean I am disconnecting.  It is just something I need to do right now.  Maybe it is to pull the focus away from me or us?  I dunno. I am going to keep taking time.  I am not going to rush anything and when it feels right, I am going to reach out.  I am going to not obsessively check for new journals either.  I love reading them and most definitely still will but on my timeline.  Feels better that way.  Always focus.  Do not worry.  I am not going anywhere.  I am not with anyone.  I am re-centering and working on myself.  Focus.


I had a good session with Sara yesterday. I found out my spirit animal guide.  I actually got a clue about it months ago from K.  She receives a whole bunch of messages to give to me.  It is really interesting how connected we are.  In any case, she told me to research kestrels.  I had a couple tabs open but never really dug into them.  And then today, Sara told me my guide was a falcon.  The name kestrel is given to several members of the falcon genus, Falco.  Sara knew nothing about the message K gave me months ago.  Explain that.  We are constantly left clues and I am really realizing how many clues.  I just need to get more clear so I can see them better.  So off I go to research kestrels.